Scorpio 23 Oct to 22 Nov

October 23 to November 22. This class belong to the department of the sex function, and therefore to the fires of life. Scorpio has a great deal of magnetic heat in their system, and if proper conditions of health exist, will not suffer much from the cold. They have strong appetites and strong passions, and, when angry, a very high temper: they have, besides, a great deal of jealousy in their nature.

Scorpions are quite conservative and conventional, proud, and apt to be pretentious. They have great tenacity of life, but are rather inclined to be idle, and especially disinclined to work with their hands.

They want to lead and be led, or, in other words, they like to have a head to look up to from which to receive orders, and to have others under them upon whom they can enforce the same, which they do with dignity and precision, and sometimes with a degree of tyranny.

Persons born under the sign of Scorpio have great tenacity to uphold the accepted order of things, and are conservators and executors of the popular idea and public opinion of their times; but set too much value on external appearances, and are rather inclined to be extravagant and self-gratifying.

In everything, they are inclined to think of self first. They are good friends so long as it pays, but when it costs, anything to be a friend they can just as easily 'be an enemy. Scorpio love, and even venerate, great book knowledge, and look up to, and have great respect for, those in high positions of life.

It is the general aspiration on the part of men of this sign to seek government positions, also to be superintendents and overseers, for which they are well adapted. They are frequently found in the government employ, for which function they have great holding power, and are persistent and determined in carrying out the measures they are entrusted to execute.

Habit of Scorpion is usually silent and dignified, weighing well their words to be sure they are right before speaking; they thus impress others as being superior to what they really are, and this is Scorpio's strongest point of influence and success; but when simply relying on themselves, they are easily turned about by strong reasoning.

Scorpion nature may be said to be one of law, as they are remarkably inclined, when in positions so to do, to make laws, and insist that others shall live by, them. As a rule, this nature is cold, unfeeling, and exacting, and especially so in seeing that their own laws are carried out.

As husbands and wives they expect to rule, and naturally demand obedience. They are influenced largely by the intensity of their sex nature, yet they have great control over themselves within certain limits.

Scorpions are very dangerous in their jealousy, and when once suspicion is aroused of wife or husband, they are very liable to commit murder: on this account those born in this sign ought to be very careful not to give way to the impulses of jealousy, and, above all, should discipline their minds hot to yield to the mere frenzy of suspicion. Again, in all departments of life, they should be equitable and considerate.

Parents, in rearing the children born in this sign, should commence in early life to instill into their minds the importance of self-control, restraining their tendencies to govern and enforce their will by arbitrary measures; keep before them the idea of doing unto others as they would have others do to them.

They should be restrained in their luxurious inclinations, and given the best possible education. They frequently make very good surgeons, and, when religiously inclined, they are successful speakers and effective clergymen. As a rule, they are best adapted to sedentary occupations. They love to be praised and looked up to as superiors. Having a strong will, it gives them great psychological power over others, and they are able to make themselves felt without a word. Through the magnetism of the hands they have, in connection with their great vitality, the ability to cure disease; this is especially the case where their bodily condition has been cared for, and preserved in health and strength, under which circumstances they are inclined to be fleshy. The only disease to which this nature is constitutionally liable is heart disease.

It is well, in connection with this sign Scorpio , to say, that in their love relations, they are controlled almost wholly by the passional nature; so much so, that, if not gratified by their companion, they are easily led astray. In their anger they are very subtle and vindictive.

This nativity results from the minds of the parents being under control of the sex passion, without any idea of soul love, their minds being mainly engrossed with the thought of making a show in the world.


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