Libra 23 Sep to Oct 23

This nature is born between the 23d of September and the 23d of October. It belongs to that part of the body called the reins, and is the head of the trinity of the reproductive; therefore it is a conservatory of the reproductive fluid, and as designated in the ancient mythology, represent the serpent, or psychic principle.

The leading characteristics of all persons born between these dates is centered in their foresight. They are very positive and decisive in everything they do; they are not prone to reason except from the standpoint of intuition and observation. It is advisable that they carry out their first decisions in all matters they undertake, unless they are acting for, or under the control of, another.

Libras are very susceptible to the psychological influence of other minds, who act mainly upon their principle of intelligence: they thus take on the mental conditions and nature of others, and feel and act like them. Many of this class are found among the spiritualists, because of their great susceptibility to the psychic control, and their natural spiritual intuitions.

As children they need a positive control by the parents; and in early life they should have a special drill in every department of their nature. There are three different types born within this period: the first has large perceptive and a receding forehead, and usually large organs of conscientiousness (according to phrenology); such persons are best adapted for speculators. If they will cultivate a moral habit of life, they need never be short of money; they should speculate in horses and cattle, or in any articles that can be bought and sold again quickly, and where there is not much stock kept on hand.

Persons born under the sign of Libra are guided very perfectly by their intuitions; for instance, in trading horses, if there is anything wrong in the horse, no matter what it may be, nor how obscure, they can point it out instantly. So long as they follow their own intuitions, they will rarely be deceived or cheated. They love excitement, which seems to be their natural sphere. These persons are apt, however, to be led into gambling instead of speculation, where they soon weaken their powers, and die a premature death, through drink, bad company, etc. This class is most liable to Bright's disease. They are not susceptible to reason; they act on the spur of the moment, and from their intuitive perceptions.

Libras are best adapted for mercantile pursuits, buying and selling goods; they have a keen intuition as to what they can and cannot dispose of successfully. Are apt to choose, in marriage, persons who are born in Pisces, whose nature is reason, and hence there is sure to be inharmony, from misunderstanding of each others motives, from the fact that Pisces always wants a reason, and is capable of giving one.

 Libra can never give a reason for anything; they know they are right from intuition, but they cannot tell how they know; and nothing excites or annoys them more than to require of them a reason for their decisions and actions. They are frequently quick and high-tempered, which greatly depletes and impairs their health.

In the third class the forehead is round, and broader through the temples. These persons are well fitted for book-keepers, and possess great intuitional aptitude for the languages. They are enthusiastic lovers of scientific knowledge, always ready to take hold of and examine any new thing. Are great students of books, and love to collect works relating to scientific and mystical subjects. They have the finest natural mechanical abilities of any of the twelve signs. They are best adapted to the higher branches of mathematics. Frequently they are found as public speakers and writers. Many of them are also good actors.

All persons belonging to Libra have great imitativeness; they are originators and inventors in mechanical matters, but imitators in other departments of life. They are naturally inclined to be religious, but have many sceptical and materialistic tendencies to overcome. They are affectionate and demonstrative in their love, active, industrious, and social, but dangers from licentiousness always lie around them. It is seldom that any great height is attained by those of this sign, except in the educational sphere. Being students rather than originators, they frequently spend a lifetime in study and research for knowledge, examining every new thing that comes up, carefully studying and weighing it in the balance of their intuitions; and if they can adapt it to the fine interior nature which they possess, they are apt to accept it verbatim et literatim.

They have very fine sensibilities, and are just and honest in their dealings. They have in their innermost selves a fine ideal world of love, order, harmony, and equity; and as they do not find this in the outer world, they are inclined to frequent periods of melancholy. They seldom like to push their way out into the combat of life, but rather seek a sphere of quiet, where they can act from their soul or intuitional nature. They are frequently writers and professional men, and their great imitativeness gives them fine mechanical, and sometimes artistic abilities.

Their liability to disease is through their excessive activity in all the departments of life, and especially through an excessive use of the perceptive faculties. They are apt to exhaust the vital forces from the reins, and therefore bring on pains across the small of the back, and kidney difficulties. When the pain begins to be felt across the small of the back, the sex nature should be restrained, and quiet and rest secured, with plenty of wholesome food as their fitting medicine.

The parental conditions which produce a child in this sign are a strong, devoted love on the part of the positive parent, but frequently the opposite, or aversion and deception on the part of the negative one; so that persons thus born are like grand souls that have been confined in darkness, and who are searching with the spiritual eyes for light, and therefore the frequent seasons of melancholy.

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