Sagittarius 22 Nov to 21 Dec

November 22 to December 21. This belongs to that part of the body represented by the thighs, which relates to the muscular and motor nerve-systems. The leading characteristic of Sagittarius nature is the executive. Those belonging to Sagittarius are bold, fearless, determined, and combative.

In everything that they do and say they are very decisive. They are apt to be too quick to decide, act, and speak. Sagittarius are persons of one thought and one idea at a time; and, in order to execute this one thought, they throw into it their entire energy, without properly weighing and balancing the consequences and difficulties in the line of their action.

Their mind is constantly running ahead, going beyond the present; they have a constant tendency to peer into the future and foresee events: this extends even to small things, as announcing who is coming, when the door-bell rings, or footsteps are heard, etc.

They are not always correct in their prophecies, however, yet they do not often like to give in when they are wrong. In conversation they are apt to answer before the proposition is fully stated, or the thought expressed, and even while the person is yet speaking.

They are often mistaken through the activity of their mind; for instance, in the case of hearing a story told, their thought runs ahead, and forms the conclusion before the end is reached; and when they come to repeat the story to another, they are almost certain to tell it from their own conclusions, whether right or wrong, and to feel very sure that they are right.

Herein children, and even grown persons, born Sagittarius, are apt to get the name of fabricating, when such is not the intention. They are pretty apt to express the first thing that comes into their minds, and just as it strikes them, no matter what the consequences are; from this cause they are often led into combat, and make enemies, and speak harshly to friends.

Sagittarius hate anything hidden or secret, and even secret organizations. No sign is intentionally more honest than this one, and none so liable to get the name of being dishonest from those who do not understand them.

They go to extremes in everything they do, being over-zealous and sanguine in what they undertake. As a friend they are such with all their being, and as enemies they also go to extremes; their kind heart and loving, sympathetic nature, however, restrains them from acts of violence and evil deeds. They are very quick and very high-tempered, and from sudden impulse often do that which they are sorry for.

Sagittarius have great power over their sex nature, and have a natural inclination to chastity, and from this, as a prime cause, they have great physical power. It is frequently the case that men of this sign have more nervous energy than the sinews of their body are capable of sustaining when they act under excitement. These are physically the strongest persons of the whole twelve signs.

They are lovers of science, hygiene, and self-culture, but are not apt to give much attention to them unless they follow scientific pursuits as a profession. They hate licentiousness and extreme indulgence of the sex function, and their moderation in this direction is sometimes the cause of domestic inharmony, especially if not suitably mated.

Sagittarius are faithful and devoted to whatever cause they espouse, but require to be kept active, or they lose their interest and turn to something else, where they can find active and useful employment.

The diseases to which they are most liable are sciatica, rheumatic pains, and weakness of the chest and lungs, with a tendency to consumption; to prevent which, they should avoid damp localities as much as possible.

Business of Sagittarius, as a rule, is that of executors, where their physical energies come into play. They are frequently very finely organized and intuitive, having a great deal of the true prophetic nature, foreseeing social and national  that are pending; also, frequently, in the early morning, having visions of things that are going to occur to themselves and family, but their foresight pertains mostly to events of a national and general character. They are not what would be regarded as superstitious in their religious nature, but are largely inclined to its practical observance.

Some of the finest musicians come from this sign, as their active, energetic nature renders their music brilliant and acceptable. They are characterized by great fidelity in their love relations, and if they fail to get the object of their choice, it usually embitters their entire future in life. They are very domestic in their tendencies, kind, sympathetic, devoted, and loving, and desire similar expression from their companion; and failing to find this, their own demonstrative nature leads them to say harsh things to those they love.

They do not take opposition kindly; but if a good reason can be given, they are easily convinced and reconciled, and banish all hard feelings. This nature comes from extremely active bodily habits, with a great deal of devotion to home, family, and sometimes religion, on the part of the parents.

If those born in this sign retire from business and cease their efforts, they become morbid, exacting, unsocial, discontented, and disposed to find fault without good cause.

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