Virgo 22 Aug to Sep 23

This sign is from August 22 to September 23. Persons born between these dates belong to the solar plexus of the grand body. The solar plexus is that function which controls the digestive forces and is the great chemist of the human organism.

The minds of Virgos are very fine and discriminating in all departments of their life. As children, they are apt to be peculiar about their diet, and often seem notional to those who do not understand this nature, as they instinctively discriminate, having likes and dislikes, and ought not to be restrained or opposed as to their peculiar choice in eating, save as to the matter of quantity.

Their appetites are naturally in harmony with the laws of hygiene, except as the partaking of high-seasoned food creates an abnormal desire. Virgos are natural students of the laws of health,--anatomy, chemistry, and physiology,--being true children of nature, which they love in all its departments.

Virgos have great endurance and aptitude in the acquisition of an education; their eyes are keen and discriminating, oftentimes taking in the contents of a whole page at a glance. As literary men and women, they have marked power; they make the most rapid proof-readers of any of the twelve signs, and wherever a keen, accurate, discriminating eye is needed, they excel.

Their judgment and love of color is excellent, and they are fond of the artistic and. beautiful. They act from the interior, or solar plexus, through the external and reasoning faculties, which gives them rather a materialistic tendency and desire to live in and enjoy the externalities of life; yet in this they combine the intuitions with the reasoning faculties.

They are great lovers of music and harmonious combination; any discord or inharmony affects them very much, even destroying their appetite; they cannot eat when there is disorder or inharmony about them. They want things tasty, nice, and elegant. The sense of feeling is also acute; they cannot bear the least pain or hurt; even their skin is fine and sensitive to the touch, and children will often from this cause cry out even from the combing of their hair.

Persons born under sun sign Virgo have an extremely strong love nature, but have great power of self-control; yet a compliance with the natural impulses of their being has much power over them in all departments of their life; therefore, young ladies born in this sign are frequently misled by their love nature. Their love is so natural, pure, and devoted that it amounts almost to worship; and, as a rule, there are no women so truly devoted as those born in this sign, which is a natural conservator of vital energy in its native purity, but because of their strong will they are disposed to control.

These persons are capable of making great attainments in whatever line they undertake. They are not apt to be originators, but to such extent as these traits are manifested, it will always have some direct relation to pure nature, physiology, or chemistry, as they are natural chemists, and as such they excel. They have great rallying power, and it is very hard to get or keep them down in a low grade or condition of life; no matter how low down they may be forced, it will be quickly observed, by a discriminating mind, that they still retain much of their peculiar mental and physical power,--being very like a piece of pure gold trodden in the mud, their purity will always shine through so long as any of their real nature remains.

These persons ought never to take a strong dose of emetic or cathartic medicine, and should avoid all exciting scenes and conditions. The finely organized of this type impart a feeling of harmony and rest to those with whom they are associated. As to health, they need to take great care of their digestion: worry, anxiety, or inharmony will disturb the digestive forces immediately. In such cases, no medicine is needed--only quiet, harmony, and rest.

Pure love to Virgo is a great necessity, and potent medicine (unless the passionate nature is dominant). They are sometimes in danger of getting too fleshy, and thereby bringing on different forms of gout. They have a strong tendency to selfishness, and a disposition to control others is a characteristic running through this nature.

Children of this sign are the product of a loving satisfaction in each other on the part of the parents, which is due to a large measure of physical and soul harmony.

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