Taurus 19 Apr to 20 May

Sun sign Taurus begins on the 19th of April, and ends on the 20th of May. This sign belongs to the cerebellum and neck, which controls the lymphatic system of the body; that is, the waters or fluids of life.

Persons born under sun sign Taurus generate life forces very rapidly, and are very determined in whatever they undertake; they are characterized by the common phraseology of "stiff-necked"; they are very unyielding, and are natural conquerors.

As a rule, you will have your own way and accomplish your own desires at all hazards. You are great lovers of literary pursuits, and inclined to be studious, but imitators rather than originators of thought.

You adapt yourselves readily to the customs of society, and are apt to become leaders through your adaptation to the demands of the people, and their great ability to commit to memory from books and authorities, and your powers of mental and physical endurance.

You are governed by your sensations, and are influenced in your decisions by your feelings, appetites, and passions. You have fine intuitions in all that pertains to business. You are very sensitive to psychic influences, which makes you apparently more stubborn than you otherwise would be, because you realize intuitively that you are very easily led through your sympathies.

Young people born in Taurus sign are apt to be misled by their associates. They are very zealous and sanguine in every cause they espouse, and therefore are liable to extremes. Frequently they are very zealous church members and preachers; they are zealous friends or enemies, but easily turned aside or mollified in this respect.

Taurus have a very strong brain, and are apt to be hard students and make superior educational attainments. They feel the minds of others, and it is very difficult for them to distinguish the difference between their own mind and the mind of those associated with them. Because of this, persons born in the sign of Taurus should make all their decisions when entirely alone, and never decide any important business matter while in the midst of business excitement; for if they do, they are more apt to make the decisions from the influence of those around them than from their own mind. The early morning, when they first awake, is the best time for such persons to make their decisions and lay their plans for the day.

Children of this date of birth are largely dependent on their education for their future position in life. They have strong appetites, and are apt to be inclined to epicurean habits. Their passions and sex nature are strong, and they are in danger of excesses in that direction. Women born in Taurus sign are in great danger of being misled by their feelings and passions. When a person has gained their sympathies, they have gained control over them to a very great extent. Both sexes have a great deal of jealousy in their nature: they are somewhat in danger of great extremes. Yet, when they are well instructed in the right way, they are very tenacious to carry it out, and cannot be controlled against their will.

Taurus persons are liable to dropsy, from two causes. First, from getting an over-amount of vitality through eating too much, and having what they eat too rich, and getting too fat; second, through strong appetites and over-indulgence of the sex passion. Remove the cause, and the cure is accomplished. They are, as a rule, best adapted to city life.

This nature comes from the parents being very potent in the sex life, and quite satisfied with each other and their surroundings; but this frequently is wholly on the part of the father.

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