Gemini 20 May to 21 Jun

This sign Gemini includes all persons born between the 20th of May and the 21st of June. They belong to the sphere of the body represented by the inferior cervical ganglion.

The arms and hands, in their uses, are the expressers of the thought of the brain; they likewise belong to the realm of education, art, and mechanics.

Persons born under Gemini sign are always very active, restless, and anxious, being the result of anxious, restless, or dissatisfied parental conditions; therefore persons born in this sign are never satisfied.

There is always a restless want of something, they know not what. In cases of very coarse hair and dark complexion there is created a combative feeling, a vague imagining of evil, and distrustfulness of associates, and of those with whom they have to do.

Geminis are very active, and want to be doing something all the time; they are lovers of knowledge in all its departments; many successful speakers and lecturers come from this sign.

 Children born at this time should always have a superior education. They are apt to lack continuity. They are vivacious, but liable to be inconstant, and are in danger of extremes in everything they do, unless this is modified by planetary conditions.

They are liable to nervous disturbances, and ought always to associate with persons that are quiet, easy, and restful. Ladies are liable to hysteria. Gemini children are apt to have fits from teething. Should they have worms during the time they are teething, they ought to be kept very quiet. Parents ought to restrain such children from all kinds of excitement and exciting scenes, and should cultivate in them the habit of self-control.

It would be well for persons born in this sign to remember that their dissatisfaction, restlessness, and anxiety arise more from prenatal conditions than from surrounding circumstances; therefore they should positively restrain it, always remembering that the cause is from within.


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