Aries 21 Mar to 19 Apr

ARIES begins at the equinoctial, on the 21st of March, and extends to the 19th of April. All persons born between these dates belong to that function of the grand body of humanity,--the head. The use of the head in the natural world is to think, to reason; therefore these persons are natural reasoners and thinkers: their brain, always busy, is the most active function of their body. They are natural lovers of scientific thought, reason, philosophy, and of educational pursuits; axe independent characters, and have their own ideas of right and wrong. The only way they can be controlled is through their reason. They are apparently stubborn; but this is only apparent, however.

You, if required to do work in the same manner as some one else, are always thrown into confusion. You must do everything in your own way; that is, you must first have an understanding of what you are doing, and what the thing is to be when accomplished, and then left to accomplish it according to your own methods; otherwise you get confused.
You are not apt to be mechanics. Again, the function of the head is to keep the whole body in harmony, and for that reason harmony is the dominant feature of your nature. You love order, elegance, and beauty, and, as a rule, you like large, spacious rooms, with plenty of light and air.
You are great lovers of music and of dancing. Very commonly, as soon as music is heard, the life forces start within you, and it is hard for you to keep still.
You have a great deal of the electrical fire nature in you, and your atmosphere is full of motion, and active, heat-producing elements.
Every disease that attacks you always goes to your head, because your nature is such that you are using up the forces through the brain constantly, as this is the leading function of your being; therefore, everything that affects your body, affects your head; because of this, you are liable to disease and inflammation of the brain more than any other persons.
Excitement and worry nearly always produce sick-headache, and sometimes derangement of your digestive organs: quiet, rests, and sleep, are the best medicines. Children, in teething, that are born in this sign, should have great care to keep their brain cool.

Harmony is absolutely necessary to the health of all persons born in this sign. Middle-aged persons that have an over-amount of vitality are liable to paralysis. Females who are very stout are especially in danger when they pass the menopause of life. These persons usually adapt themselves to the habits and customs of society, and they love to excel in whatever they undertake, and be the head. It is very difficult for them to serve in subordinate capacities.

This nature is the result of a very harmonious mental and physical condition on the part of the parents, with minds very active in thought and study.


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