The law of soul marriage

Man's interior nature is feminine. Woman's interior nature is masculine. The magnetic and electric emanations of men and women are inverse to each other, like the positive and negative poles of a magnet; therefore, when the trinity of being is in harmony between a man and a woman, they are drawn together, and inter-blend, forming a perfect unity of spirit, body, and soul, which was anciently symbolized by the double triangle, forming a six-pointed star.

But these conjunctions cannot be made promiscuously. Nature has a perfect mechanical order; a place for everything, and everything in its place; therefore one man and one woman belong together from the order of creation. Any deviation from this order creates inharmony, and inharmony is productive of adversity.

When the man and woman meet who really belong to each other, from this law of order, if they are living in harmony with the triune nature, they will certainly recognize each other, and love each other from that moment.

The present materialistic tendency of our age is constantly instructing children to follow their physical senses, and even their licentious, inclinations; and, by reason of this, men and women are not apt to recognize their true companions, but are drawn together purely from their sex-sensational nature; so they can only meet physically, there being no union either of spirit or soul.

In such cases, as soon as the fires of passion are cooled, there arises a repulsion between the two, resulting in a life of inharmony and misery, which does not end with them, but is transmitted to their offspring, and reflected upon all who come in social contact with them, and, as all mankind are members of one great body, it brings suffering upon the whole body of humanity.

Frequently, in delineating the character of persons, we find the antagonism which existed between parents embodied in the nature of the children. Many men and women are made worthless, and even vicious and criminal, through the antagonistic conditions existing in their own persons from parental causes. This can be easily determined by the systematic study of their horoscope, if we observe what points are inharmonious.


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