Hints regarding marriage

Marriages frequently occur through sympathy arising from polarity, and a tolerable degree of harmony sometimes results therefrom; yet such sympathy is by no means a reliable guide. But there is a natural attraction existing between persons born in opposite signs of the sun's zodiac which is a better guide in this direction, and may be illustrated by the following formula,.:--

Aries is the exact opposite of Libra; Taurus the exact opposite of Scorpio; and so on around the entire zodiac.

Libra is the conservator of the life forces, and the container and expresser of the psychic force, while Aries forms this power into thought.

Scorpio is the generator of the life force and sex principle, and Taurus is the brain power that controls it.

Sagittarius is the physical expresser, server, and protector, while Gemini is the intellectual expresser and artificer.

Capricorn is the generalizer in business plans, and Cancer in the home relations.

Aquarius is the trader, and Leo is the server in the home relations.

Pisces is the understanding, the mechanic; Virgo, the discriminator and the perceptive power.

According to this system, harmony exists when opposites marry; but there is much greater harmony where these opposites are polarized together by the moon.

Persons marrying after the above order are sure to have good children, if they themselves are good moral persons; but this belongs mainly to the law of creation, by which society is now governed, and not necessarily to the law governing the higher spiritual and mental attainments, made through chastity, as previously explained under the conservation of the life essence, and its uses in higher unfoldment.
There is another principle of attraction very marked, which is of persons born in adjoining signs, which operates as follows: There would be a natural sympathy existing between persons born in Leo and those born in either Cancer or Virgo, unless very adverse conditions existed in each other's nature through habits of life.

If we should take twelve persons born in the twelve signs, and seat them in a circle facing inwardly in the order in which the earth travels through these signs,there would be great harmony, and mental, physical, and even spiritual power realized, as active in all comprising the circle.

Those in the signs nearest the head always illuminate and assist the mental and spiritual faculties, while those below them give power to all the functions of the body and mind.

In marriages between persons in adjoining signs, those in the sign below are inclined to, and should usually look up to and counsel with, the one in the sign above. A man marrying a woman in the sign above is frequently governed by the wife, and she is apt to feel that she has a right to rule.

Frequently persons born in the last sign of a trinity are strongly attracted to one of the opposite sex in the first sign of a trinity, and get from that one consolation and help in times of trouble, but are apt to mistake it for love; and especially when persons born in Sagittarius make this mistake, it is of serious consequence, because of their strong tenacity to their ideal love.

Many unhappy marriages are made from sympathy being excited between persons in either of the seven vital signs. Again, when Venus, the conjugal planet, is in the same sign in one person's nativity in which. another person is born, it creates a conjugal love; and when Mercury, the sex planet, is in the sign that a person of the opposite sex is born in, it creates strong sexual attractions.

These positions of sympathy, when reversed, are causes of antipathy between the same persons.

It is necessary, in order to decide where harmony or inharmony will exist, even between opposites, that we understand the harmonious or inharmonious positions of the planets; for, as has been stated, the sign and polarity govern the external or physical life, while the position of the planets governs the interior, the intuitive or spiritual condition; therefore the externals may be harmonious, while the internals may be at antipodes.



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