Man's multiple nature

Man in his organic nature is a trinity: first, Spirit; second, Body; and third, Soul, which is the outgrowth of the body, through the agency of the spirit.

Spirit, which is the pure emanation from God, or the cause realm, gathers to itself material elements, thus forming a body through the medium of the life essences of the parents. This body is composed of thought crystallization, active in the minds of the parents, at, and just previous to, conception; so that the incarnate thought of the parents at the time is expressed in the child's nature; so much so, that the zodiacal sign in which the earth was, and the polarity, or sign in which the moon was, at the date of birth, expresses the condition of the mind of the most positive parent; while the planetary positions express the mental conditions of the most negative parent, whether father or mother. Sometimes we find these two conditions antagonistic to each other. If the child is a male, the external of its nature will embody the most positive mental condition at conception, and the interior the most negative. If the child is a female, the order is reversed.

The external comprises the thought arising through the medium of the five senses, while the interior nature comprises the loves, aspirations, and intuitions. Thus the soul life of the child consists of the thought formations arising from external and internal sources, the body being a chemical laboratory used by the spirit to transmute or generate thought or soul life; for all that makes us conscious individuals is the thought formations arising from the experience and mental conditions of the past.Either of these three entities, spirit, body, or soul, is capable of becoming the dominant actor, subjugating the others to it.

The exterior body of the child may be termed thought crystallization, and, being the crystallized thought of the parents, it frequently controls the nature and mental condition of the mother during the term of gestation; so much so, that in the particulars wherein the child would be like the father, the thoughts, feelings, and even the appetites, are often moulded like those of the father, or his ancestral lineage, of whose nature the child partakes.

In judging of character, we must first determine which of these three natures is the leading one. The spirit leads in taking cognizance of invisible causes; the body, in the sphere of the physical senses, or material world. The mental formations, or soul, are characterized by the dominance of one or the other of these.

The spirit was anciently symbolized by Osiris, the Father, Isis, the Mother, or body, with the infant child, Horns, in the arms, born from the contact of spirit with matter. This infant child represents the mental formation or soul..


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