Pisces 19 Feb to 21 Mar

This sign February 19 to March 21 belongs to the feet of the grand body (metaphysically speaking, to the understanding).Persons born Pisces are very careful; anxious, restless, and thoughtful.

They have a love of acquiring scientific and philosophical knowledge, and as students are fond of history, research, travels, etc., and acquisitive of knowledge from every available quarter.

Pisces are very anxious about money matters and provision for the future, and fear lest they shall come to want, as they cannot bear to be dependent on others. They like to know and feel that they have earned what they possess, and are consequently entitled to its enjoyment.

They are usually upright, honorable, and just in their dealings; also sensible, affable, and kind.

Frequently we find men of this sign who are walking encyclopedias of knowledge. There is with this class, however, a lack of self-confidence; and frequently, after extensive research and preparation, they hesitate, and shrink from coming before the world as professionals, needing some more self-reliant person to push them forward, even though not themselves wholly lacking in self-appreciation and esteem; this is clue to innate modesty and conscientiousness, as being just, honorable, and upright in their feelings, they desire to give a full equivalent, and are fearful that they may fall short in what is due to the situation; and also from an innate feeling that people and fate are against them.

As a rule Pisces have fine mechanical minds, and succeed in life because of a feeling that they have obstacles to overcome; hence their persistence and fidelity to the trusts confided to them, making themselves appreciated and necessary to the service in which they are engaged; for which reason it becomes the interest of others to push them forward, thus compensating for their own deficiency in this respect.

There is a good degree of philanthropy in this nature, and Pisces have much sympathy for the suffering of the needy, yet they are quite close and careful in the use of their money. They make accurate and careful accountants and clerks, in every department of business, and are usually found in positions of responsibility and trust.

As we depend on our feet to keep us upright, so may we rely on those born to this sign or nature; but if the love of money becomes the controlling principle with them, then would their sense of honor become subordinated, and a disposition to trickiness and dishonesty be manifested.

Pisces are occasionally lifted very high in public favor and position.

It is due to children born during this period that they have the best possible educational advantages, and especially in matters pertaining to their future vocation; for a wrong start in life is more serious to them than to most others, for when once embarked they are apt to stick for life; therefore, in entering a calling, consideration should be had as to the chances of their promotion, and especially should care be exercised in putting them to a trade of limited opportunities, as it will usually anchor them for life to a sphere of drudgery and, servitude. Their chances are most favorable in some thrifty mercantile pursuit.

They are apt to be law-abiding, and somewhat exacting, and consequently rather severe in family discipline. This, however, is only in cases where the head is long from front to back, and the organs phrenological denominated conscientiousness, large. In such cases, they are sure to be bound down to the mechanical sphere, and to be very tenacious and exacting in everything that they themselves believe, requiring things to be done according to the strict law of logic, not giving much consideration to the intuitions, but inclining rather to antagonize the same. They are, in the natural sphere of thought, materialistic in tendency and views, and it is difficult for them to form accurate conceptions of religious or spiritual subjects.
Their sexual inclinations are usually quite moderate and chaste. While not ardent in their love nature, their quality inclines to a faithful adherence to the marriage vow.

The diseases to which those born in Pisces sign are liable, are varied, but most noticeable are pains in the feet and head,--in the latter respect being affected in the brain somewhat, like those born in Aries, only to a smaller degree. They are also subject to despondency and self-censure, and women to uterine displacements.

This nature results from struggling, and usually antagonistic conditions on the part of the parents, and hence their anxious, struggling habit, and nature.


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