Mind Power

Mind power is the power of our thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts and beliefs create whatever we experience in our life. The thoughts that we entertain not only determine the conditions of our own immediate lives, but they influence, perhaps in a much more subtle manner than most of us realize, our relations with and our influence upon those with whom we associate or even come into contact. All are influenced, even though unconsciously, by them. Subconscious mind and conscious mind together form the mind power while both have different ways to work but knowing and using them correctly we can increase and improve our mind power which can work wonders for us.

Many times we get insights of our mind power. You can recall such experiences in your life whatever you have seen your thoughts being manifested. How many times you say,” I knew this could not be done or it would go the way I told you”. Many times we see our thoughts have manifested in real life and we call it my guess work, or divine guidance or mental calculation or intuition etc etc. But this is not true. This is the glimpse of mind's ability to create or mind power.

When you go beyond intuition, mental calculation, and guesswork and try to understand that what is mind and how it works then you actually start to learn to make the correct usage of the potential of the power of mind.

Mind power is our ability, our power to create all the experiences and events of life. World out there is world inhere. Whatever you see and experience is created by your own mind. Random events of your life are being created through your mind unknowingly. But when you become aware of this knowledge then and only then you can create your own reality.

Mind power is your freewill.

You can increase it for betterment of your life, relationships and in your business plans. So what do you achieve with your mind’s ability:

Peace of mind-the most important and root of all creations.
New ideas.
Activeness and alertness
Problem solving attitude
Creative work ability
Sharp decision making skills.
Fast & accurate thinking.
High emotional intelligence
Positive attitude
Creating wishful events in your life.

Mind power can create wonderful things in your life. For this, it is important to discipline your mind and to give it a direction. Suggestion, affirmation, concentration, understanding time and space
are said to be tools of our mind and these are the tools with which we can control and put our mind to the best usage. There are posts written on self hypnosis (suggestions) affirmations, power of thought on this blog , you can read them to get more information.

According to India's highly scientific and analytic self realization scripture Yoga Vashisht: Man creates his life through his own mind.
According to Shiv purana: when you think about a thing then it is manifested
Prayers are affirmation to clear conditioning of subconscious mind.
Buddha’s all teachings are based on what a man should think and act.
Researches on successful businessmen show us that mind is the only secret behind their success.
Advertisements that you see on TV and print media are influencing and using our subconscious mind’s ability to buy their products that is why advertisers spend billions of dollars on advertisements.


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