Healing Effects of Crystals and Gems

Crystal and Gems are known for their healing properties. Their quality to heal an ailment and their effects on it are known since the ages. Positive effects of the color and vibration energy can be noticed with a pleasant change within ourselves. Those persons recognize crystals they know the influence and positive effects of crystals and gems.

Given below are certain facts about crystals that can be considered important while introducing a crystal to your life:

Crystals & Their Meanings

•    Violet/Purple color is related to the clarity of mind and wisdom, it is most effective in reining spiritual growth and awakening enthusiasm for life
•    Pink color is connected to love, it is most effective if you mean to make someone feel they are loved or if there are pains that need to be alleviated.
•    Clear color is for clarity of intuition and effective communication. Use this in moments of decision making
•    Green is the color for healing
•    Indigo color is for meditation and sensitivity. It is most effective when you feel blinded or vulnerable by     negative thoughts
•    Red is the color of energy and is often used to lighten depression and boredom
•    Yellow color is for controlling the activities of the mind. Use this when you feel indecisive in your life's direction
•    Blue color is linked with peace, so you may use this when you feel restless, anxious or nervous
•    Black color is most powerful for all the colors are within, this will help you to get insight on all possible decisions or situations in life
•    Orange color is associated with friendliness and influence. Use it in times of insecurity.

How to Choose Your Crystal

Which crystal is suitable for you and how you are going to determine? You must choose your crystal on the basis of your intuition. When you buy a crystal you should be aware which color has a soothing effect on you. When your eyes perceive a color be aware of that soothing effect. Touch that crystal, feel and notice the color which brings you calm, joy and courage. Your bodily sensation is best guide for your own needs; you only need to recognize it.

Caring for Crystals

After buying crystal, first put it in a container  filled with salt water for 24 hours then wipe it with a clean cloth. Take a caution that no one else touches your crystal since their vibrations and energies can be imprinted on it. For the proper and correct usage of your crystal it is important that it should have an imprint of only your vibrations and energies.

Now, you can use your crystal for all therapeutic purposes and they can also be used as accessories as well. Only thing that you need to know is crystals and gems have energies of their own and they constantly radiate this energy. Choose your crystal correctly and wisely and notice their positive healing effect on your mind and body.


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