Leo 22 Jul to 22 Aug

Leo represents the heart, the love, and emotions. The period of this nature begins July 22, and ends Aug. 22. Through the heart pass all the fountains of life; correspondingly these persons possess a great variety of inclinations and dispositions, being in conjunction with the grand heart of the solar nature, and a reciprocal center of all the forces in humanity.

Leos are also greatly affected by the mental and physical conditions of people to whom they stand intimately related. They can readily adapt themselves to almost any condition of life. They are naturally active and aspiring, energetic, but subject to great extremes.

Leos are inclined to be independent thinkers, but are controlled more by their intuitions than their reasoning; but their intuitions usually take the form of reason and philosophic thoughtfulness. With a fair degree of self-control, they usually manifest superior power in whatever direction they turn their minds.

Their love nature is their weakness, as they are easily led, and sometimes misled, by those professing friendship. Leo’s nature is remarkably allied to the laws of creation, and as all mechanism is in conformity to the laws of nature, they consequently have fine, orderly minds, and are usually very handy in doing anything they undertake.

They seldom make high attainments except in the mercantile and intellectual spheres of life. On account of their fine sensitive and emotional nature they are inclined to act from their feelings. Their disposition is such as to ally them to a communal or brotherhood life, where the sentiment would no longer be mine, but ours, having all things in common; they are inclined to act and speak from their unusually fine sensitive love nature, and therefore are constantly being misunderstood, and often doing things they ought not to do, until education comes to be a sufficient guide in the right way.

Person born under Leo sign have a great disposition while young to imitate the life and habit of those around them, and are apt to jump at and act from conclusions too quickly. They lack natural policy, and therefore get into many difficulties. In childhood they always live in an ideal world, and have to learn the hard facts of life often from sad experience; and unless carefully educated, or happily surrounded, are apt to become dishonest, distrustful, and tricky in business; for when they find that life is a struggle and conflict, they look out for themselves, feeling justified by what they see others do; yet they have an innate nobility and superiority of character, but when inverted from inability to act it out on account of surrounding conditions, they are liable to go to the other extreme, and this would make of them peculiar and undesirable persons. They cannot easily be kept down, however, as they have great elasticity, and, with their active, aspiring natures, they are constantly coming to the surface in their endeavors to get above the common level of humanity. As a rule, they are law-appreciating and abiding characters.

Children born in this sign Leo should be governed by a positive law and rule of life, and parents themselves should not transgress the rules they lay down for the government of such children; as while they love law, and will render love and obedience to those who enforce the same, yet they are very observant and readily detect inconsistencies in this respect on the part of the parents.

Their observant nature is manifest when very young, as they notice everything that transpires about them, and because of this disposition to observe and experiment they develop and manifest through life an inventive genius, and also display extremely brilliant attributes of nature. When the organ of conscientiousness is large, it intensifies their ideas of law and justice, and in their business relations they are apt to appeal to the law and waste much money thereby, especially if they are polarized in Sagittarius. Those born in this sign often pass through life without having their true nature understood or appreciated.

In selecting a husband or wife, great care should be had. If a gentleman, he will be greatly aided in intellectual attainments by the selection of a wife born in Aries (March 21 to April 19).

Children born in Leo should have special instruction as to the importance of restraining their sexual desires, for they always live in their feelings, and should be guarded and warned of the dangers in that direction. A greater responsibility rests upon parents in the proper education and control of a child of this nature than of that of any other. The diseases that are most liable to attack them are consumption and palsy. Their weakness is in the region of the breast, lungs, and circulatory system: everything affects that part of the body. Long-continued sadness will soon weaken the breast, derange the digestion, and impair the lungs.

This nature springs from a deep soul love and approximation to soul union, even though there is little prospect of its perpetuity.

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