Cancer 21 Jun to 22 Jul

Cancer begins June 21, and ends July 22. These persons are at the head of the department of domestic life, and embody the principles of the home and family. As they belong to the maternal functions, all the phenomena of the mother's breast, in its sensations and uses, are characteristic of all persons born in this sign.

Cancers are great lovers of home and family. They are over-anxious about making money and laying up for the future. They are industrious and economical to an extreme, and are sometimes miserly. They are very kind, loving, and sympathetic.

Cancer’s love nature is their weakness. They make very kind and loving husbands and wives, loving fathers and mothers; as such, their whole life is apt to be devoted to their children: so remarkable is it, that in case the father is born cancer, the children will love him more than the mother, thus recognizing the great mother-nature even on the positive side.

Persons born under sun sign cancer are exceedingly sensitive to the physical and mental conditions of others. They sometimes appear even eccentric and queer because of this sensitiveness.

Children born under caner sign are often destroyed by nurses whose magnetic and mental conditions are exciting and annoying to their nerve-system; and it is very frequently the case that the life force is drawn out of them, and they are depleted by others. Children of this date of birth ought never to be under the care of ladies or nurses who have passed the menopause.

It is noticed that children will sometimes scream, and act as though they were hurt when taken into the arms of certain persons: this sensitiveness is nature's means of self-protection. Those born in this sign, whether young or old, ought never to associate with, or be under the care of, persons repulsive to them; disease, and frequently death, is caused by the failure to heed this law. It will often be noticed that those whose influence is very unpleasant to them will, nevertheless, persist in forcing themselves upon their society, and that it is very difficult to get rid of them: such absorb and feed upon and deplete the vitality of those born in this sign, and it should not be permitted, especially in the case of children.

The children of this period should have a careful education in the direction of the uses and abuses of the sex nature. In matters of education they are lovers of knowledge; but this, in their case, is largely qualified by planetary conditions. Their minds are very mechanical, and they usually belong to the manufacturing and trading sphere of life; but women of this sign incline largely to literature.

Notwithstanding their sensitiveness, they are very persistent in the execution of their plans and the accomplishment of their purposes, but it is very difficult for them to work under others: they want to be at the head in their own department of service, and have a great dislike to be subject to the direction or dictation of other persons.

Cancers ought to be very careful in all matters pertaining to their digestive organs, as they are liable to inflammatory diseases, humors, etc., of the abdominal region. Ladies should take special care of their breasts, while nursing, for they are liable to have suppuration. Great care should also be exercised to avoid intimate association with inharmonious companions. Inharmony in the love relations has a great tendency to the development of tumorous diseases. Little girls, especially, should be carefully guarded until they are able to protect themselves, for they are just like sensitive plants.

Under proper conditions, persons of this nature develop a strong will-power, are self-reliant; but males are apt to be rather quiet and uncommunicative, though persistent in the direction of their innate nature; but females are inclined to be very talkative, and even intellectually brilliant.

This nature is produced usually by a strong desire on the part of the parents for a child, and an active sense as to pleasures of home, family, and the domestic relations.

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