World, the wheel of existence

World is the unbroken chain of the fivefold combination, which, constantly changing from moment to moment, follow continuously one upon the other through inconceivable periods of time. Of this World, a single lifetime constitutes only a vanishingly tiny fraction; hence, to be able to comprehend the first noble truth, one must let one's gaze rest upon the world, upon this frightful chain of rebirths, and not merely upon one single lifetime, which, of course, may be sometimes not very painful.

 Which do you think is the more: the flood of tears, which weeping and wailing you have shed upon this long way-hurrying and hastening through this round of rebirths, united with the undesired, separated from the desired this, or the waters of the four oceans?   Long time have you suffered the death of father and mother, of sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters. And whilst you were thus suffering, you have, verily, shed more tears upon this long way than there is water in the four oceans.

Which do you think is the more: the streams of blood that, through your being beheaded, have flowed upon this long way, or the waters in the four oceans?   Long time have you been caught as dacoits, or highwaymen, or adulterers; and, through your being beheaded, verily, more blood has flowed upon this long way than there is water in the four oceans.

 But how is this possible?   Unimaginable is the origin of this world; not to be heard is any first beginning of beings, who, hindered by ignorance, and trapped by craving, are speeding and racing through this round of rebirths. And thus have you long time undergone suffering, undergone torment, undergone misfortune, and filled the graveyards full; verily, long enough to be dissatisfied with all the forms of existence, long enough to turn away, and free yourselves from them all.


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