Selection of partners in marriage

The question of how to find the true conjugal mate is one of the greatest importance.

The first requisite is to bring unity of action between spirit, body, and soul; and the most important means in bringing this about is habitual chastity; but we must also observe carefully the nature and functions of these three entities in ourselves.

If these three could be perfected, there would be no danger, provided men and women were left free to make their own choice; but the cases are very few where these natures are perfected: however, it more frequently occurs with women than with men, from the fact that girls are taught, from their childhood, to control their passional nature, through which control the intuitions are largely matured. But taking men and women in the present conditions of life, we shall be enabled to judge correctly from the following indications: When a young man and woman are in each other's society, they should watch their sensations carefully, and where they feel a strong magnetic attraction, sometimes amounting to a passion for each other which ceases soon after they are separated (unless, perhaps, it should continue to affect the sexual nature), they may rest assured that this arises wholly from mere physical attraction, or from the animal nature.

When two marry on that plane, it is certain to result in inharmony.

Second, if, while in such association, the two find great intellectual enjoyment, without any particular sacredness of the spiritual nature, the results of marriage would be varied, but are not usually good in such cases; for, while there is mental harmony, there may not be adaptability in the chemical combinations of their physical bodies, or unity in their spiritual natures; though sometimes they get along fairly by living as brother and sister; yet, in the main, the results are more evil than good.

These attractions sometimes result from being born in an adjoining sign or polarity, and sometimes from harmonious planetary combinations, which will be more fully explained hereafter.

The third, and perfect relation, will be observed in a feeling of harmony and peace, a deep, quiet rest, or enjoyment in sitting in silence in each other's company, with a feeling of the sacredness of each other's presence. Even when separated, the thought of each other produces similar results.

Frequently, where true soul union exists between the two, there will be a realization of actual presence, and the sacredness of that presence, though their bodies are miles apart. When this condition exists, they may rest assured that perfect harmony and interblending will result from their triune relations. Such marriages as these are few, very few indeed.

We find often, in giving delineations of character, men and women who have met these true soul companions, but from some cause have been led away from them, and married to others.

Such can never be separated in spirit, for the image of this companion will always be present in their memory and sacred to their thought. The door of the inner temple of their existence will be forever bolted against all others, and a deep soul sadness will characterize all their private life, though they try to avoid any expression of it.

Frequently the children of parents that are in this condition will be the very image of the absent one, so dear to memory. Though their companion may furnish the material germ, or the ground in which to  bring forth the child, yet this ideal one, though absent, will furnish the inner essences of the child's being. Thus is the seventh commandment being constantly broken by the majority of humanity: "Thou shalt not commit adultery."

Frequently the interference of parents with the marriage of children will separate two that God had joined together; and man can only put asunder the bodies, for "What God doeth is forever."


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