Realizing Nirvava

In previous posts you have read about the seven elements of enlightenment and through practice full perfection comes but how do those seven elements of enlightenment, when you practice and develop, bring Wisdom and Deliverance or to full perfection (Nirvana)?
  Just as the elephant hunter drives a huge stake into the ground and chains the wild elephant to it by the neck, in order to drive out of him his wonted forest ways and wishes, his forest unruliness, obstinacy and violence, and to accustom him to the environment of
the village, and to teach him such good behavior as is required amongst men: in like manner also when you  fix your mind firmly to these four fundamentals of attentiveness, so that you may drive out of yourself,  your  habitual worldly ways and wishes, your customary worldly unruliness, obstinacy and violence, and win to the True, and realize Nirvana.

Here, when you are  developing the elements of enlightenment:

Attentiveness, Investigation of the Law, Energy, Rapture, Tranquility, Concentration and Equanimity, bent on detachment, on absence of desire, on extinction and renunciation.

Hence practiced and developed,  the seven elements of enlightenment bring wisdom and deliverance to full perfection.

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