Vedic Astrology what may an Astrologer tell you

Indian Vedic Astrology is supported by  the theory of destiny in which your good and the bad actions of the past life influence and decide your circumstances in present life.And the efforts you make in this life determine and set the course of future life.The essence of the vedic astrology is understanding of man's true nature as spirit which neither born nor die but moves around in cycles of birth and rebirth. Astrology of India truly proves that your are made in image of God who also neither born nor die. An ordinary astrologer may not tell you about the true nature of you as the astrology deals with your actions of pastlife and present but when you begin to understand how astrology works you would come to same conclusion..

 Astrology of India is one of the earliest sciences familiar to human history. In ancient times,Indian sages relished that everything comes into existence,progress and ultimately becomes extinct. It was called a cycle of life and death. Sages found that the cycle of life and death was influenced by the movement of heavenly bodies,their togetherness,opposition,movement and location. The characteristics of the heavenly bodies were calculated with mathematical precision  more than 3500 ago.

Astrology is the science relative to the each person at a given time and place.It contains within itself,your past,present,and likely future. Astrology makes us aware of our past,presents a picture of ups and down in present life and what is likely to happen in future. It provides us clues to counter  those ups and down and to avoid future misfortunes. However it does not bind to any dogma it doesn't preach us to depend on fate.Vedic astrology shows us the path of leading a  successful,happy and contented existence,relationship and progression. It shows us how to deal with a situation,how to govern and control,how to improve relationships inner and outer harmony.

A true astrologer knows the Prarabdha Karma or beginning karma, is the only destiny which can be said to exist for man. That is what  he might foretell for you—that you have apportioned to yourself so much good or evil fortune—so much the result of the good and evil actions of our past lives which will react on you in this. Study of horoscope is very important as the positions of the planets at the exact time of your birth and place is an indicator of your personality and predict those events which will happen to you throughout your lifetime. I would not hesitate to say that the study of horoscope is actually study of cause and effect in which a astrologer try to find the reasons of present life circumstances. But you should  always remember that  result of former action can never force you to repeat them in the present. It may put you under specific conditions in which it will be difficult to keep off an act, but it can never force you to commit it.


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